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UPlift Women


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Meet the Women

Auma is 31 year olds with two kids (twins!). She needs the loan to expand her business and help with supplies for her babies.

Auma Agnes


Abur is married with eight children she is responsible for. At 55 years old, she wants to leave behind a good financial example.  

Abur Margaret


Adong is 48 years old with a husband and seven children. The loan would go towards her children's education. 

Adong Kristine


Abur is 60 years old and a single mother. She needs help supporting her four children. 

Abur Laura


Lammara is a single mother who is 43 years old. She takes care of her three children and sells sugar, as well as vegetables. 

lammara Concy


Apaco is 50 years old and has five children. She sells sugar and cooking oil to support her family. 

Apaco Madelena


Auma works as a fish monger to support her husband and seven children. A loan would allow her to feed her children more than one meal a day. 

Auma Margaret


Akello has four kids and is 48 years old. A loan would allow her to purchase livestock and send her kids to school. 

Akello Cristine


Ajok is 46 years old and supports six kids. Currently, she only makes enough to feed her children one small meal a day. 

Ajok Florence


Lalam is 43 years old with six children. All her income comes from selling cereals in the local market. 

lalam Sandy


Akidi is 57 years old with six kids. She sells dried fish and needs a loan to provide properly for those she is responsible for. 

Akidi Doreen


Ayaa is 60 years old and takes care of nine children. Her children need to go to school and have access to medicine. 

Ayaa Florence


Aol is a 40 year old single mother with four kids. She hopes to expand her business and begin to bring in more income for her family. 

Aol Paska


Aol is 24 years old with two children and a husband. She needs a loan purchase livestock and grow her business. 

Aol Evelyn


Aber is 62 years old and has nine children she supports. Her loan would go towards her children's education. 

Aber Edica


Amarorwot is 31 years old and has three children. Any loan money will go towards the children's education and setting up a sustainable business. 

Amarorwot Innaculate


Ayango is 56 years old with four children. She is a fish monger and sells at her local market. She would like to expand and send all her children to school. 

Ayango Julia


Akot is 45 years old and is responsible for six kids. She hopes to provide a better home for her family. 

Akot Nancy

Let's Make A Change

Here are your donation options:

Donate today to help their tomorrow.

Below, meet the women who work hard everyday to provide for their families. With a donation of only $30, you can sponsor a women's loan. These loans have the power to change their lives. 

EMPOWER a woman, UPLIFT a community. 


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